Our Family in Two Homes

Our Family in Two Homes is an innovative workbook and training program for collaborative professionals and mediators to use with separating parents. Professionals who license our resources can offer clients a "resource package" that combines the knowledge of an experienced family professional (you) with a beautifully designed and comprehensive workbook. The client workbook contains vital self-reflection questions and exercises that will help with decision-making, as well as legal information, to enhance clients' preparation for their work with you. Our Family in Two Homes helps professionals engage more deeply with their clients, while providing clients with invaluable preparation to have the discussions that matter. In Collaborative Practice, it can enhance the roles of each member of the collaborative team, providing a structure and approach that improves communication at all levels.

Our Family in A Few Homes

Our second product, Our Family in A Few Homes, which builds on the success of Our Family in Two Homes by dedicating a resource package to the needs of separating couples with adult children. This resource is available to all family professionals who license Our Family in Two Homes. It offers the same self-reflection guidance to help clients prepare for their work with you, and to have the discussions that matter, with a focus on their financial future and the relationships the separating couple want to sustain even after the separation is worked out.  Couples who are separating with adult kids, or step-kids, will benefit from both the relational and financial aspects of this workbook. Family professionals will find that offering this workbook to clients helps support more meaningful engagement and more productive discussion. Offering such a highly valuable resource package to clients helps you stand out as an innovative professional who cares.

Designing Our Future Together

Hot off the presses! We are so excited to finally launch our newest resource - Designing Our Future Together: a workbook for planning the next chapter. Designing Our Future Together is for couples who are moving in together, getting married, blending families, or looking for a relationship refresh or marital mediation. It brings in the important self-reflection focus of Our Family in Two Homes and Our Family in a Few Homes, but with a positive, future-focused tone, and includes a comprehensive list of things to consider when starting (or continuing) a romantic relationship.